Step Up Revolution – Alas, in the wrong direction!


The title „Step Up Revolution“ (german title: Step up – Miami Heat) is auspicious. The fourth part of the Step Up series tends to fight today`s turbo-capitalism by dance flash mobs. But they will be losing the fight and still believe that they won it. One has only to re-narrate the story to reveal the [...]

The Cabin in the Woods – sophisticated stupidity


The genre of horror films is the most self-referential one of all film genres. Ever since the nineties every horror film reflects its own genre with its characteristic twists and rules. Wes Craven`s Scream Series is paradigmatic for that and the fourth part tries to get rid of the metareflection to get back to the [...]

Le Prénom – not politically correct


Since the eighties a spectre is haunting the western society – the spectre of political correctness. The term arised at american universities, where mainly minority groups started to search for a new language use, that could prevent discrimination. The thesis was, our language is dominated by white, heterosexual, well-off men. Their choice of words excludes [...]

Rum Diary – a sober jag


Sometimes when someone dies he lives forever as undead. The effect of vampirism can not only be found in gothic films, it arises also in many streams of popculture. What I mean is not nostalgia, the gilded remembrance of bygone days, I mean the permanent presence of ghosts of the past just going on forever. [...]

The Way – Disneyland for (Non-)Believers

the way

In 1958 the young theologian Joseph Ratzinger, today Pope Benedict XVI, cautioned in a lecture against a hazard for the Catholic Church: For a long time the enemies were outside the church, like atheistic philosophers, laicist statesmen or just protestants. Now the enemies were inside, they were the catholics themselves. By passing it off as [...]

The Five-Year-Engagement – Crossdressing


For a few years Judd Apatow and his friends have been redefining the romantic comedy genre. Once Doris Day and Rock Hudson played only a bit with the roles of the sexes just to manifest the classical role model at the end of the film. Emily Blunt and Jason Segel are really turning the tables [...]

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and the new Emperors of India


The famous British director John Madden who has had his greatest success in 1998 with „Shakespeare in Love“ now leaves his homeland for the new film „Best Exotic Marigold Hotel“ and travels to Jaipur, state capital of Rajasthan in India. With him a crew of long-serving British actors take part in this journey as there [...]

Streetdance 2 – A Political Movement?


If there is one filmgenre you can not find any political tendencies in, it is the dancefilm. Usually there is a sparse dramatic composition, that allows to dance most of the time. The only interruption can be a romantic lovestory between two dancers. The first part of „Streetdance“ came out in 2010 and follows exactly [...]

King of Devil’s Island

King of Devil`s Island (© Alamode Filmverleih 2012)

Es gab sie wirklich. Das Filmdrama „King of Devil`s Island“ von Marius Holst handelt von der norwegischen Gefängnisinsel Bastøy. Noch immer ist die Insel ein Ort für Strafgefangene. Bis 1970 gab es dort eine Besserungsanstalt für Jungen. Im Film kommt 1915 der Junge Erling (Benjamin Helstad), dessen Vergangenheit im Unklaren gelassen wird, auf die Insel [...]

Viva Riva!

VIVA RIVA! (© Summiter Films GmbH 2012)

Der Regisseur Djo Tunda wa Munga ist im Kongo geboren und aufgewachsen, hat in Europa studiert, um anschließend in seine Heimat zurückzukehren und dort die noch schwache kongolesische Filmindustrie zu bereichern. Sein Debüt „Viva Riva!“, dem Genre „Gangster-Film“ zugehörig, lief in einer Nebensektion auf der Berlinale 2011 und gewann den Preis für den besten afrikanischen [...]